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Professional Production Sevice

Pro Sound and Lighting Wollongong provide equipment and technical support for event planners, venues, and the conferencing industry. we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of audio and visual equipment and utilise this to assist you with wholesale elite jerseys your event and always aim to go beyond your expectations.

We can provide you with a complete range of production services including Equipment Hire, Delivery and Logistics, Artistic Design, Technical Operators and Service. Our experienced staff work closely with you to provide complete event production, carefully tailored to the budgetary and creative requirements of each event.

Production services tailored to your event and budget

We understand that no two cheap jerseys events are the same, so we always tailor the equipment and set-up arrangement to your unique event and budget.We provide a friendly service and aim to help make the process easy by discussing all the possible options for your event. We understand that you may have a particular vision and we are happy to give you the technical expertise to achieve this.Our team provide you with a professional, efficient, and reliable service.

Lighting Systems

We provide Lighting Systems from subtle atmospheric or architectural lighting to complex programmed setups involving intelligent Moving Heads, Lasers, Fog and Special Effects. As each venue is different, we can custom-specify truss systems and rigging to suit every application. Additionally, we have skilled lighting technicians, capable of operating lighting within a range of platforms and performance environments.

Audio Sound Systems & DJ Equipment

Pro Sound & Lighting also provides Sound Systems ranging from compact, premium packages suitable for presentations and corporate events, to a mind-blowing live concert and nightclub systems. As Pro Sound & Lighting is also the industry leaders in providing DJ equipment, we can naturally offer the latest and greatest DJ-specific setups including Turntables, CD Decks and mixers, through to DJ scaffolds to lift your DJ above the crowd!

We supply professional and affordable production services that are both artistic and technical.

A broad range of experience

Our on-site team of technicians work in the background so as not to draw attention away from the main event. We have worked on a number of different events, including; seminars, conferences, live events, both indoor and outdoor, graduation ceremonies, fashion shows, award ceremonies, annual general meetings, product launches, ‘Carols by Candle Lights’ and many more. At these events, we use a range of products which we trust and know are reliable.

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